X-Series Exploration

The video I did with Ismar Badzic along with a few photos in a blog for Fujifilm UK.

The Fujifilm Blog

My good friend Ismar Badzic and I decided to meet up early one morning and head out to one of my favourite places in the Peak District to put together a little video about me! Ismar and I have worked together for about two years now, from making snowboard films in Switzerland to live music events in Sheffield, our work has seen us cover all sorts of subjects. So it was particularly bizarre for me when Ismar turned his camera on me…

The video is the first of a series of videos that Ismar intends to create on people in and around Sheffield. Though a bizarre experience, it was great fun as I was basically allowed to go about my exploration, snapping away, but just having to remember that I was being filmed; so had to try and look vaguely normal.

Ismar wanted the short film to be about me…

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2 thoughts on “X-Series Exploration

  1. Hey Ben, cracking short film giving an insight into your landscape world. Would you mind explaining your filter system as it look like the Lee system but not the Seven5. I am about to jump to the X-T1 but confused on which system to go with, traditional 100mm (more expensive) or Seven5. Thanks


    1. Hi Jason, thanks for your comment. In my opinion if you’re interested in the X-T1 over the X100 series then I would invest in the 100mm filter system. You can use it with any of the X-Series lenses, whereas the Seven5 system isn’t really suitable for some of the lenses like the 10-24mm and probably the 16-55mm. I just have a ‘standard’ set up of a handful of graduated neutral density filters (to help control/balance the exposure across the entire frame) and a neutral density filter (to stop a certain amount of light across the entire picture). I hope that helps. Cheers, Ben


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