Case Logic Reflexion shoulder bag review

I’ve got another bag from Case Logic that I’ve been using for most of the year and I’ve finally got around writing a little review about it!Case Logic

I’m putting it out there straight away that this has been my favourite bag to use for events such as weddings. The reason why is it has a ‘doctors bag’ style opening, where the top opens out with an internal frame that allows it to stay open even when you’re wearing it (note this is a cross-body style bag, not simply a shoulder bag).

Case Logic-8

What this means is that you can access your gear without having to open up the bag, but more importantly, without creating any noise. Being able to switch between three different cameras sat ready in the bag; obtaining a variety of shots during a wedding ceremony without anyone hearing me is fantastic. In the picture above, it shows the bag empty. You can make out the iPad sleeve (there’s an iPad in it with a red cover). Where is the camera protection? Well you get a removable insert…

Case Logic-11

As you can see this can be enclosed via a drawstring, meaning this can be taken out with the gear inside if you just want to use the bag as a laptop bag (fits my Macbook Pro 13″ fine when insert is removed).

Case Logic-12

When you use it with the bag the top flips over itself for easier access. It has a central divider which has a flap to cover one side of your choice.

Case Logic-13

In this particular set up I have an X-T1 with the 18-135mm lens attached in one half and then in the other half I have the 23mm and 56mm lenses stacked with the 10-24mm besides them.

Case Logic-16

This set up allows me to cover a very wide variety of shots without bending me in two.

Case Logic-17

Despite being designed specifically for this bag, the insert doesn’t take up all the space, which I like. This means that I can put an X100s (left, in case) and a battery pack/charger system (in an old Case Logic case) to the right.

Case Logic-18

Here is the old Case Logic case opened… On the left are Ex-Pro USB battery chargers, great for when on the move, To the right is an Anker battery charger. This thing is awesome! Means that I can go for a few days of full shooting without having access to a mains power socket.

Case Logic-9

On the opposite side to the iPad section there is a zipper pocket which is ideal for my memory card holder and batteries. Helpful as they are all easily accessible. Note that this pocket effectively folds on top of the camera insert when you close the bag, so neither the pocket or the insert can be overly prominent if the bag is to close properly.

Away from the main compartment, as you search through the bag more you seem to find an endless amount of compartments to store things!

Case Logic-5

Front pocket – Perfect for keys and headphones.

Case Logic-4

Under the front flap there are loads of small pockets. Not designed for anything too fat but great for phones, wallets, business cards etc.

Case Logic-6

Top zipper opens up a sizeable pocket (which effectively shares the space of the main compartment) where I store my journal and other misc items.

Case Logic-20

All in all you can put a lot of gear in this bag! But it isn’t too much that the bag becomes massively uncomfortable to wear (thus defeating the object of the exercise!.. I have done this countless times). Effectively this is a perfect, comprehensive holiday kit, for me anyway. Holding everything that I really need. I can even fit a Kingston MobileMe wireless transmitter to transmit photos from memory cards to my iPad. This in theory is great, but I’ll be dammed if I can actually get it to work! Fujifilm are to the rescue with the inbuilt WIFI on the X-T1 and the new X100T (yummy). I can add another Fujifilm body to this set up too no problem.

This bag is very well designed, pleasant to wear and efficient in use. There are so many little things that make it a quality product, probably my favourite is the material used on the bottom of the bag.

Case Logic-21

The ‘hardy’ abrasive material is ideal for the bottom of the bag, a nice touch.

However, there is something I don’t like – I took this bag out once and got caught in a serious downpour. Needless to say it got soaked and so did some of the insides. I wish this bag had a complementary rain cover! Instead, as you might have seen, I carry a dry bag to cover my ass incase I get caught out again.

Other than that one little niggle, I really like this bag. The design, the functionality, the whole package. For a working photographer, covering events in particular, this is a brilliant bag.


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