Whats in my bag? Adventure bag

My current bag of choice for when I’m out and about all day is the Case Logic Luminosity large sling backpack (kindly supplied to me by Case Logic). 

Case Logic sling bag-8

For me it offers everything I really need – comfort, carrying ability including a 13” laptop and stealthiness. 

As the name suggests this bag can be both a sling bag and backpack depending on your preference. But I find if I fill the bag then it quickly becomes uncomfortable to have all that weight on one shoulder (curse of the more accessible sling and shoulder bags compared to backpacks). Therefore I generally have the second strap attached. 

Sling bag set up

Case Logic sling bag-5

Backpack set up

Case Logic sling bag-6

The great thing about this bag is because it is primarily designed as a sling bag it has side access to the camera compartment. I feel this is very helpful as it means I can access gear without taking the bag off, even when I have it set up as a backpack. All I need to do is take off the left strap and swing it around. 

Case Logic sling bag-2

The camera compartment is large, very large for me as I use Fujifilm X-Series cameras. An SLR system which would fit a body with standard zoom attached in one sub compartment, a 70-200mm type lens in another compartment and something like a 50mm lens as well as flash in the last compartment. With my set up I can carry a varied selection of gear depending on the job. 

Case Logic sling bag-3

Here I have an X-T1, X-Pro1, 23mm f1.4, 10-24mm f4, 18-135mm, 55-200mm. Alternatively If I was to fill it up..

Case Logic sling bag-4

On top of the previously mentioned gear is the following: 35mm f1.4, 18mm f2, 14mm f2.8, 60mm f2.4 and two Godox V850 flashes. This is more than enough gear for a day of shooting (generally I wouldn’t carry all of this with me). To put that gear in context here is it all nicely laid out.

Case Logic sling bag-7

The bag is well made, especially for it’s price tag and is capable of withstanding the ‘fierce’ British weather it has been tested in so far. It comes with a micro fibre cloth (pictured with mini business cards) as well as a rain cover which is kept in a compartment in the bottom. Case Logic do make a full backpack version of this bag but it can only carry an iPad (on the bucket list) and you have to take the bag off to access gear, which isn’t ideal. 

I keep on finding hidden compartments in this bag which are perfect for all sorts of different items. Such as the top of the bag which has two compartments, one of which is ideal for chargers and cables while the other can hold a small amount of food/misc items. The front pocket, despite being slim, is great for my journal and business cards. This is clearly I very well designed bag for the working photographer. 

Overall I can highly recommend this bag for anyone looking for a lightweight, inconspicuous bag for day trips that can carry basically all the gear you need.


2 thoughts on “Whats in my bag? Adventure bag

  1. Hi Ben,
    thanks for sharing your experience. Once I would like to join your style of photography and traveling an important issue is weight. Can you give me a clue on the weight of the bag itself and the weight filled? Thanks a lot!


    1. Sorry for the delay.. Urm difficult to judge off the top of my head. Bag very light empty, does obviously have a good weight to it once full but I was happy to wear it for full day trips. Sorry I can’t help more.


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