How the X100s saved my bacon!

BEARDED PIGStory behind the photo – How the X100s saved my bacon!

This shot of a bearded pig was taken in Bako National Park, Malaysian Borneo. For this National Park my friend and I had to shed some weight from our bags, in order to take the speed boat to the park, so we ended up leaving a large amount of our equipment in Kuching, the town we had travelled from. One of the things I left was a flashgun (rookie error..) and because my other cameras were the Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Canon 5D3 I had no means of flash other than the tiny flash built into the X100s.

Bearded pigs and long-tailed macaques wonder out onto the mudflats at low tide to forage for stranded marine life. Pigs being pigs, their number one priority is food and so my presence meant nothing to this individual.

The beautiful sunset was a dynamic backdrop to show off this interesting behaviour, however there was the dilemma of exposure. To expose the sky correctly and lose the pig in the under exposed foreground or to set the exposure for the pig and blow out the sky? Thankfully after a few attempts, I found the right balance with the flash on the X100s. It may not be the best flash in the world but on this occasion it certainly saved my bacon.





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